December 21, 2014

What is Metabolism?


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Stop for a second, think of everything that’s going on in your body. Cells are re-generating, your brain is sending signals to all your involuntary organs, cells are travelling to carry oxygen throughout your body, the digestive tract is working on whatever you ate last, phagocytes are trying to eat up foreign pathogens, and the list goes on.

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Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe


Chocolate Chia Pudding has become a popular recipe among health food junkies, raw foodies, and dieters recently, and for a very good reason. If you have heard about it and have been skeptical to try, don’t waste another minute. It has minimal ingredient and takes two minutes to whip up. There’s nothing to lose (except that you might find you have become addicted).

This has been gracing our refrigerator at least once a week since I first tried it. Low-guilt chocolate pudding that I know gives me extra fiber? Yes. Plus, it’s a good budget item to make organically. It has all kinds of wins.

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Healthy Granola Bar Recipe


Granola Bars are considered one of the best snacks when on the go. They are supposed to be healthy. But have you ever read the label on one of these that are available in the stores. They are full of all the worst food ingredients one can imagine. You don't want your kids to eat that!

Here is an easy DIY home made Healthy Granola Bar Recipe that any one can make in no time. Enjoy!

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