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February 2, 2014


DASH DietDASH Diet: A Diet for Peace of Mind

When I say the word “Diet”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably some rock hard abs and slim figures with beautiful curves, right? But this diet is something very different from the normal ones and it is called a DASH diet. So what exactly is DASH diet?

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January 31, 2014

Are You Looking For Diet Plans That Actually Work?

Diet PlansSo you are planning to go on a diet? Dieting has become more of a fashion, making sure that your body is slim and fit and that you look just like your favorite icons. However, it has to be done very carefully as improper diet plans can lead to various other side effects that can harm your body and system.

The main purpose of dieting is to maintain controlled weight, or to lose or gain weight in the form of muscles. Weight-loss diets to reduce body weight limit the intake of specific foods. Athletes participating in professional sports may sometime undergo weight-gain diets to increase their overall body mass and gain maximum advantage in their field. Individuals who have normal weights may go for diet plans to make sure they maintain their body shape.

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January 29, 2014

What is Detox Diet?

Fresh tropical food, healthy avocado fruit for DetoxDetox Diets for a Pollution-Free Body

Most people today care about the environment and the impact we as humans are having on it. Today, we know that pollution has affected our blue planet, causing a number of new harmful conditions and diseases which we are fighting now. Hence, we have started recycling our grocery bags, or are bringing our own bags, saving electricity, developing hybrid cars and saving fuel and so on. But few people on earth understand the importance of this global commitment towards a better future.

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