December 21, 2014

Foods that Increase Metabolism


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There are many claims on metabolism-boosting foods out there, though most study results are still inconclusive. At best, they’ll help boost your metabolism. If not, not of these items will harm you.


What is Metabolism?

Keep in mind first, though, that the trick for many people is in realizing their actual food consumption. Most people are surprised by their food and drink intake when they actually take the time to record it.

1. Cold Water


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You may add a few more calories to your burn rate as your body works to warm up the ice cold water. Research shows that drinking eight or more glasses of water in a day burns more calories as compared to drink four.

2. Don’t forget the Protein


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A balanced diet is key. This point doesn’t advocate a protein-heavy diet, but is just a reminder to get enough (a problem most North Americans don’t have).

Our bodies do need carbohydrates – complex carbohydrates, that is – but you may find it interesting that it requires more energy (calories) for our bodies to digest protein than it does carbohydrates.

3. Coffee


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Avid coffee drinkers are always looking for good excuses to consume the beverage. The key is moderation. The caffeine content jolts your nervous system (clearly not something you want to be forcing your body to do all day), increasing your heart rate and breathing.

A study published in Physiology and Behavior reported that those who drank caffeinated coffee had a 16% increase in their metabolic rate over those who drank decaf.

4. Spicy Foods


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It’s said that spicy foods speed up metabolism by raising the body’s temperature as they’re consumed. The effects may be minute, but if you want every chance you can get, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add some more chilli peppers to your diet.

It might also be worth it to note that other studies are investigating the effects that spicy foods have on decreasing the incidence of blood-clotting diseases.

5. Green Tea


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Both Green tea and Oolong teas contain caffeine and catechins, which give your body a kick start for a few hours. Various studies claim different rates at which it may do this.

The University of Maryland Medical Center shares their information and studies on how the teas may boost metabolism, along with many other benefits.

6. Active Calorie Foods


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This diet promises a lot – likely too much. But take a look at their theory, their diet is based on consuming foods that require a higher amount of calories to digest. This would be high-fiber, chewy foods, and foods that take longer to digest. Behind the bright, flashy claims the recommendations are sound. Eat the whole fruit instead of its juice or sauce. High-fiber foods fill you up.

These ideas, combined with the inclusion of caffeine and spicy foods, are meant to give an all-over metabolism-boosting diet.

​How to Speed Up my Metabolism?

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