August 20, 2014

Quick 10 Minute No Equipment Workout


Image by Stefan Krilla

A lot of people don't workout due to lack of time and equipment. I think it is more of an escape or just  an excuse to skip on the workout. Well, no more excuses ... I found a quick 10 minute workout that requires no equipment!

No equipment workouts are quiet popular and very effective. You can workout at your home, at work, in a park, basically any where you want.

This 10 minute workout plan works the entire body was designed by Peter Park, who is a fitness expert at Peter  was also Lance Armstrong's strength and conditioning coach.

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Some Quick Healthy Snacks for Kids

Here are six quick healthy snacks for kids. These don't take long and kids are getting their veggies and fruits in a fun way.

1. Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwiches


Apple slices and peanut butter. You can even make them into “sandwiches” – cut apples into rings and spread peanut butter in between two to make a sandwich.

You could also substitute yogurt or home made fruit dip in place of peanut butter.

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July 18, 2014

Eating Raw Garlic Adventure


Image by

This is my adventure in how I stumbled upon Raw Garlic benefits and different ways to eat raw garlic. Coming from a culture where garlic is extensively used and consumed in every day food, I kind of knew that it is good for health; specifically good for controlling high blood cholesterol. I had seen my dad consume cloves of raw garlic with pita, but I never tried it before. This changed as you can read below.

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July 1, 2014

Chemicals in Food – Part 1


The marriage of food and science has changed our diets and grocery shopping experience significantly, especially over the last few decades. Grocery shopping was a whole lot different when it came from farms. Now chemical additives are unfortunately a significant part of our diet if you’re reaching for boxes, cans, and bags. The question of pesticides and herbicides aside, thank goodness farm-to-table eating has become a trend. I just hope it’s not a trend that fades away.

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