May 13, 2014

Label Alert – Top 10 Food Ingredients to Avoid

Label Alert - Top 10 Food Ingredients to Avoid

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Food industry is big money. To make food that looks good, tastes good and is cheap to make, most of these food companies use ingredients that are artificially produced, are made with chemicals or are derived from whole foods using chemicals and heating processes. Food companies and manufacturers are not going to disclose that these ingredients are bad for health. This is their dirty little secret to keep us attracted and addicted to their food.


Remember, eating better begins with knowing what you actually eat. Inspecting the ingredient list is always your first line of defense. And, when possible, go the organic route. It's another important way to do your part to eat better while keeping unnecessary sometimes-dangerous chemicals out of our environment.

Britta S. of put together a cool info-graphic for the top 10 worst food ingredients to avoid when buying Processed Food at the grocery store. Look for these ingredients in the food labels and try to avoid them. Use this info-graphic as a cheat sheet. Remember to Think before you eat!

Label Alert - Top-10 Food Ingredients to Avoid

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